Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Connecting & Transferring > 
Connecting to a smart phone
On the camera, confirm the smart phone‘s registration 
If the smart phone has been connected to your camera before, it is 
connected automatically.
The Quick Transfer icon on the camera’s screen will be changed to 
an icon that shows the connection status (
If the pop-up message that prompts you to set the auto time 
setting appears, select Yes to sync the camera’s date and time to 
the smart phone’s. (p. 183)
Capture a photo.
The captured photo is saved to the camera in its original size and 
a preview image is transferred to the smart phone. To import the 
original image from the camera to your smart phone, select the 
preview image on your smart phone.
If you captured continuous photos, the first captured photo is 
transferred to the smart phone.
If the GPS feature is activated on the smart phone, the GPS 
information will be saved with the captured photo.