Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Concepts in Photography
To capture a self-portrait, set Auto Self Shot to On, flip the display 
180° upwards and touch the subject on the display. (p. 33)
Keep the display closed when the camera is not in use.
Tilt the display only within the angle allowed. Failing to do so may damage 
your camera.
Be careful not to damage the display when tilting it.
If you have flipped the display upwards and you are not holding the camera 
by hand, do not rest the camera on a table, fence, etc. to steady it. Instead, 
use a tripod. Otherwise, you can damage your camera.
Do not flip the display up when an external flash is mounted on the camera. 
Otherwise, you may damage your camera.
Low-angle shot
A low-angle shot is a shot from a camera positioned below your eyeline, 
looking up the subject.
High-angle shot
A high-angle shot is a shot from a camera positioned above your eyeline, 
looking down on the subject.