Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Connecting & Transferring > 
Sending photos via email
Select the Email box, enter your email address, and then 
Select Save to save your changes.
To delete your information, select Reset.
Setting an email password
In the email menu, you can set the email password. For information about 
entering text, refer to “Entering text“. (p. 156)
In Playback mode, touch 
The camera will automatically attempt to connect to a WLAN via 
the most recently connected AP device.
If the camera has not previously been connected to a WLAN, it will 
search for available AP devices. (p. 153)
Press [f].
Select Setting Password 
To deactivate the password, select Off.
When the pop-up appears, select OK.
Enter a 4-digit password.
Enter the password again.
When the pop-up appears, select OK.
If you lose your password, you can reset it by selecting Reset on the password 
setting screen. When you reset the information, the previously saved user’s 
setting information and email address will be deleted.