Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Viewing photos or videos on a TV
Viewing files on a 3D TV
You can view photos or videos captured in 3D mode on a 3D TV.
In Shooting or Playback mode, press [m] 
HDMI Output 
 an option. (p. 182)
Turn off your camera and 3D TV.
Connect your camera to your 3D TV with the optional HDMI 
Turn on your 3D TV, and then select the HDMI video source.
Turn on your camera.
Move to a 3D file, and then press [I] to switch to 3D mode.
Press [I] again to switch to 2D Mode.
Turn on your TV’s 3D function.
Refer to your TV’s user manual for more details.
View 3D photos or play 3D videos using the camera buttons.
You cannot view an MPO file in 3D on TVs that do not support the file format.
Use proper 3D glasses when you view an MPO file or a 3D video file on a  
3D TV.
Do not view the 3D photos or videos captured by your camera on a 3D TV or 
3D monitor for an extended period of time. It may cause unpleasant symptoms, 
such as eyestrain, fatigue, nausea, and more.