Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Connecting & Transferring > 
Connecting to a computer
Turn on the camera.
The computer recognizes the camera automatically.
On your computer, select My Computer 
 Removable Disk 
 100PHOTO or 101_0101.
Select the files you want, and then drag or save them to your 
If the Folder Type is set to Date, the folder name appears as “XXX_MMDD“. 
For example, if you capture a photo on January 1, the folder name will be 
Connecting the camera as a removable disk
Transfer files on a memory card to your computer by connecting the 
camera to the PC.
Transferring files to your Windows OS computer
You can connect the camera to your computer as a removable disk. Open 
the removable disk and transfer files to your computer.
Turn off the camera.
Connect the camera to your computer with the USB cable.
You must plug the small end of the USB cable into your camera. If the 
cable is reversed, it may damage your files. The manufacturer is not 
responsible for any loss of data.
If you try to plug the USB cable into the HDMI port, the camera may not 
work properly.