Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Color Space
The color space option allows you to select methods for representing 
colors. Digital imaging devices such as digital cameras, monitors, and 
printers have their own color ranges, referred to as color spaces.
* Default
sRGB (Standard RGB) is an international specification 
that defines the color space created by the IEC 
(International Electrotechnical Commission). It is 
widely used for creating colors on PC monitors and 
is also the standard color space for Exif. For regular 
images and images that will be published on the 
Internet, we recommend using sRGB.
Adobe RGB
Adobe RGB is used for commercial printing and has a 
larger color range than sRGB. Its wider range of colors 
helps you easily edit photos on a computer. Note that 
individual programs are generally compatible with a 
limited number of color spaces.
Adobe RGB
When the color space is set to Adobe RGB, photos will be saved as