Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Camera settings menu > 
* Default
Format the memory card. Formatting deletes all existing 
files including protected files. (No*, Yes)
Errors can occur if you use a memory card formatted by 
another brand of camera, a memory card reader, or a 
computer. Please format memory cards in the camera 
before using them to capture photos.
Set to connect your camera to a smart phone automatically 
via the Bluetooth feature. If the devices have previously been 
connected and you launch Samsung Camera Manager on the 
smart phone, they will connect via Bluetooth automatically. 
(Off*, On)
Wi-Fi Network
Set to connect to a Wi-Fi network. (Off*, On)
View the model name and connection status of the 
connected smart phone. You can also edit or delete the 
registered smart phone.
Auto Time Set
Set to sync the camera’s date and time with the smart 
phone when connecting the camera to a smart phone via 
Bluetooth. (Off*, On)
* Default
Wi-Fi Privacy 
Set to require a PIN when connecting the camera and a 
smart phone.
PIN: Enter a PIN before connecting.
None*: Allow a connection without requiring a PIN.
Connections will automatically be made without 
requiring a PIN when you use the NFC function.
PINs are automatically generated and renewed only 
when you reset the camera settings or update the 
If you have previously connected your camera to a 
smart phone via a PIN, they will connect automatically.
Sensor Cleaning: Remove dust from the sensor.
Start-up Action: When on, the camera performs sensor 
cleaning each time you turn it on. (Off*, On)
Shut-down Action: When on, the camera performs 
sensor cleaning each time you turn it off. (Off*, On)
As this product uses interchangeable lenses, the sensor 
can get dust on it when you change lenses. This can lead 
to dust particles appearing in the photos you capture. We 
recommend that you do not change lenses when you are 
in a particularly dusty area. Also, make sure to attach the 
lens cap to the lens when not using it.