Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Maintaining the camera
Battery precautions
Protect batteries, chargers, and memory cards from damage.
Prevent batteries from making contact with metal objects, as this can 
create a connection between the + and – terminals of your battery and 
lead to temporary or permanent battery damage and may cause a fire or 
electric shock.
Notes about charging the battery
If the status lamp is off, ensure that the battery is inserted correctly.
If the camera is on while the battery is charging, the battery may not 
fully charge. Turn off the camera before charging the battery.
Do not use your camera when you are charging the battery. This may 
cause a fire or electric shock.
Do not pull the power supply cord to disconnect the plug from the 
power outlet, as this may cause a fire or electric shock.
Let the battery charge for at least 10 minutes before turning on the 
If you connect the camera to an external power source when the battery 
is depleted, using high energy-consuming functions will cause the 
camera to turn off. To use the camera normally, recharge the battery.
If you reconnect the power cable when the battery is fully charged, the 
status lamp turns on for approximately 30 minutes.
Using the flash or recording videos depletes the battery quickly. Charge 
the battery fully before using the camera.
If the status lamp blinks in red, reconnect the cable, or remove the 
battery and insert it again.
If you charge the battery when the cable is overheated or the 
temperature is too high, the status lamp may blink in red. Charging will 
start when the battery cools down.
Overcharging batteries may shorten battery life. After charging is 
finished, disconnect the cable from your camera.
Do not bend or place heavy objects on the AC cable. Doing so may 
damage the cable.
If you use the camera for an extended period while connected to an 
external power cable, the status lamp may blink red and green. The 
camera may also stop charging to protect the battery from being 
overcharged. Reconnect the cable and fully charge the battery before 
using the camera again.