Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format)
A specification that defines an image file format for digital cameras created 
by the Japan Electronic Industries Development Association (JEIDA).
The amount of light allowed to reach the camera’s sensor. Exposure is 
controlled by a combination of the shutter speed, the aperture value, and 
ISO sensitivity.
A speed light that helps to create adequate exposure in low-light 
Focal length
The distance from the middle of the lens to its focal point (in millimeters). 
Longer focal lengths result in narrower angles of view and the subject is 
magnified. Shorter focal lengths result in wider angles of view.
Depth of field
The distance between the nearest and farthest points that can be 
acceptably focused in a photograph. Depth of field varies with lens 
aperture, focal length, and distance from the camera to the subject. 
Selecting a smaller aperture value, for example, will increase the depth of 
field and blur the background of a composition.
Electronic first curtain shutter
The sensor acts as the first curtain of the shutter. With this function, 
the shutter reacts faster because no process is needed to operate the 
mechanical curtain.
EV (Exposure Value)
All the combinations of the camera’s shutter speed and lens aperture that 
result in the same exposure.
EV Compensation
This feature allows you to quickly adjust the exposure value measured by 
the camera, in limited increments, to improve the exposure of your photos.