Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Camera layout
Using the display
You can take a self-portrait while looking at yourself in the display by 
flipping the display up.
Using the Self Shot mode
When you enable the Auto Self Shot option (p. 178), flipping the displa
upward activates Auto Self Shot mode.
In Self Shot mode, the timer (2 seconds), one-touch shot, face detection, 
and beauty face functions are automatically activated.
In Shooting mode, press [m] 
 Auto Self Shot 
Flip the display upward.
Touch  .
Drag the slider or touch the +/- icons to adjust Face Retouch.
Press [o] or touch Set.
Touch the frame area on the display or press [Shutter].
After 2 seconds, the camera automatically releases the shutter.
If you flip the display to capture a self-portrait, the captured image will be 
flipped horizontally. Press [m] 
 Save as Flipped 
 On to 
activate or deactivate the function.
To deactivate Self Shot mode, touch 
. The camera can switch Self Shot 
mode to the previous mode (flipping down).
The camera will automatically set the ISO sensitivity.
You cannot adjust the desired shutter speed and aperture value.
Keep the display closed when the camera is not in use.
Tilt the display only within the angle allowed. Failing to do so may damage 
your camera.
Be careful not to damage the display when tilting it.
If you have flipped the display upwards and you are not holding the camera by 
hand, do not rest the camera on a table, fence, etc. to steady it. Instead, use a 
tripod. Otherwise, you can damage your camera.
Do not flip the display up when an external flash is mounted on the camera. 
Otherwise, you may damage your camera.