Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

My Camera
Selecting functions (options)
Using buttons and dials
Use one of the following methods to select an option:
Scroll command dial 1, and then press [o].
Scroll command dial 2, and then press [o].
Press [D/I/C/F], and then press [o].
Using custom buttons and dials
Assign various buttons and dials to launch your favorite functions. 
Functions can be assigned to the following buttons and dials: Custom 
button, AEL button, EV button, and command dials 1 and 2.
In Shooting mode, press [m] 
 Key Mapping.
Select a button from the list.
Select a function.
You can change the assigned functions of each button to a desired 
Press [m] to move to the previous screen.
Set shooting options by using the custom buttons, and then 
capture a photo.