Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Shooting modes
Half-press [Shutter] to focus.
The camera selects a scene. An appropriate scene icon appears on 
the screen.
Recognizable scenes
Scenes with bright white backgrounds
Landscapes at night
Portraits at night
Landscapes with backlighting
Portraits with backlighting
Close-up photos of objects
Close-up photos of text
Indoors, dark
Partially lit
Close-up with spot lighting
Portraits with spot lighting
Blue skies
Forested areas typically consist of green-colored subjects
Close-up photos of colorful subjects
Shooting in the dark when the camera is stabilized on a tripod and 
the subject does not move for a period of time.
Actively moving subjects
Press [Shutter] to capture the photo.
The camera may select different scenes and adjust settings differently, even 
when you aim at the same subject. Scene selection depends on external 
factors, such as camera shake, lighting, and distance to the subject.
If the camera does not recognize an appropriate scene mode, it uses the 
default settings for the Auto mode.
Even if it detects a face, the camera may not select a portrait mode 
depending on the subject’s position or lighting.
Even if you use a tripod, the camera may not detect the tripod mode (
) if 
the subject is moving.
The camera consumes more battery power, because it changes settings often 
to select appropriate scenes.