Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Shooting modes
Program Shift
The Program Shift function lets you adjust the shutter speed and aperture 
value while the camera maintains the same exposure. When you scroll 
command dial 1 or command dial 2 to the left, the shutter speed decreases 
and the aperture value increases. When you scroll command dial 1 or 
command dial 2 to the right, the shutter speed increases and the aperture 
value decreases.
Adjustable item
Shutter speed decreases and aperture value increases.
Shutter speed increases and aperture value decreases.
You can also assign other functions to command dials 1 and 2. (p. 177)
Minimum shutter speed
Set a minimum shutter speed. However, if the camera cannot achieve an 
optimal exposure value because the Auto ISO Range function cannot set a 
higher ISO sensitivity value, then the camera will use a lower shutter speed 
than the minimum shutter speed you selected.
To set the minimum 
shutter speed,
In Shooting mode, press [m] 
 Minimum Shutter 
 an option.
If you select Auto (link to focal length), the camera will automatically set a 
minimum shutter speed based on the lens’ focal length. Scroll to Auto (link 
to focal length)
, and then press [F] to decrease or increase the minimum 
shutter speed.
This feature is available only when ISO sensitivity is set to Auto.
This feature is available only in Program or Aperture Priority mode.