Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Shooting modes
 Manual mode
Manual mode lets you adjust the shutter speed and aperture value 
manually. In this mode, you can fully control the exposure of your photos.
This mode is useful in controlled shooting environments, such as a studio, 
or when it is necessary to fine-tune camera settings. The Manual mode is 
also recommended for shooting night scenes or fireworks.
Rotate the mode dial to M.
Scroll command dials 1 and 2 to adjust the shutter speed and 
aperture value, respectively.
You can also assign other functions to command dials 1 and 2. 
(p. 177)
You can also adjust the shutter speed or the aperture value by 
pressing [f], moving to the shutter speed or the aperture value, 
and then scrolling command dial 1 or dragging your finger on the 
Set the desired options.
Half-press [Shutter] to focus, and then press [Shutter] to 
capture the photo.
Using the Bulb function
Use the Bulb function to shoot night scenes or the night sky. While you 
press and hold [Shutter], the shutter remains open so you can create 
moving light effects. To close the shutter, release [Shutter].
To use the Bulb 
Completely scroll command dial 1 to the left to Bulb 
and hold [Shutter] for the desired time.
If you set a high ISO value or open the shutter for a long time, image noise 
may increase.
Drive options, flash, and One Touch Shot cannot be used with the Bulb 
The Bulb function is available only in Manual mode.
Use a tripod and shutter release to prevent your camera from shaking.
The longer you open the shutter, the longer it takes to save a photo. Do not 
turn the camera off while the camera saves a photo.
To use this function for an extended period, make sure the battery is fully