Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Shooting modes
 Samsung Auto Shot mode
In Samsung Auto Shot, you can capture action photos, such as someone 
hitting a baseball, making a jumpshot, or passing a preset point.
Rotate the mode dial to i.
Touch  ,  , or  , and then select BaseballJump Shot, or 
Trap Shot.
Press [Shutter] to capture a photo.
The camera takes photos continuously when it detects the subject‘s 
Press [m] to stop capturing.
Use a tripod to prevent your camera from shaking.
In dark environments, the camera may not capture the movements of 
subjects properly.
You can only select a 3:2 photo size.
When Jump Shot is selected
Focus on the subject and start capturing. The camera automatically takes 
the photo when it detects the jumping subject at its highest point. You can 
also select and focus on an area that you touch on the screen.
The camera may take the photo using the person jumping highest as a 
reference when many people are jumping.
The camera may not take the photo properly under the following conditions:
The height of the subject is less than 50 % of the angle of view from the 
vertical reference.
The jumping action is not sufficiently distinct to be recognized by the