Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Shooting modes
Set the desired options.
If [U] is set to Movie STBY, press [U] to enter the Video 
recording standby mode.
In the Video recording standby mode, the video function stays on 
after recording has finished. To return to Shooting mode, press 
Press   (Video recording) to start recording.
Video recording may not be supported depending on the selected 
shooting options.
Press   (Video recording) again to stop.
High-efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the latest video encoding format 
established in 2013 collaboratively by ISO-IEC and ITU-T. Because this format 
uses a high compression rate, more data can be saved in less memory space. 
Depending on your computer‘s specifications and interface, files may not 
play at full resolution due to the high compression rate on some computers. 
To view the file in HEVC format, you need a device or program with installed 
HEVC codecs.
When recording 4K or UHD video, the angle of view becomes narrower.  
(Effective angle of view: approx. 4K 1.68 times, UHD 1.77 times the focal 
If you have the image stabilizer option on when shooting a movie, the 
camera may record the sound of the image stabilizer working.
When recording a video, the camera may record the sounds of the zoom or 
other lens adjustments.
When using an optional video lens, the autofocus noise is not recorded.
If you remove the camera lens while recording a movie, the recording will be 
interrupted. Do not change the lens while recording.
Recording a video
In Shooting mode, you can record 4K videos (up to 4096X2160) by 
 (Video recording). (p. 192) The camera saves video in HEVC 
format. When you record a video at 640X480 (MJPEG), the video will 
be saved in AVI format. To view HEVC files, you must have a device or 
program with HEVC codecs installed. Sound is recorded via the camera’s 
You can set the exposure by adjusting the aperture value and shutter 
speed for the mode you selected. When you use a lens that does not have 
an AF/MF switch while recording a video, press [F] to select a desired 
AF mode. If the lens has an AF/MF switch, set the switch according to the 
selected focus mode. Set the switch to AF when you select Single AF or 
Continuous AF. Set the switch to MF when you select Manual Focus.
Press [f] to switch between AF and MF while recording a video. Press 
the AEL button to use the focus lock function (when the AFL function is 
assigned to the AEL button).
Select Fader to fade a scene in or out. You can also select VoiceWind Cut
or other options. (p. 123)
While recording a video, touch 
 to select a touch AF option. If you select 
Touch AF, you can hold the camera‘s focus on a subject by touching the 
subject on the screen. If you select Tracking AF, the focus tracks and 
automatically focuses on your subject, even when the subject is moving or 
when you change the picture composition.