Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Shooting modes
You can set the ISO sensitivity up to ISO 6400 when recording a video.
If you change the shooting angle of the camera suddenly while shooting a 
movie, the camera may not be able to record images accurately. Use a tripod 
to minimize camera shake.
When formatting a memory card, always format using the camera. When 
you format a memory card with a capacity of 32 GB or less on the camera, 
the file system is changed to FAT32. When you format a memory card with a 
capacity of 64 GB or more, the file system is changed to exFAT. If you format 
on another camera or a PC, you can lose files on the card or cause a change in 
the capacity of the card.
When using a memory card formatted as FAT32, the camera will automatically 
stop recording when the size of a video exceeds 4 GB, even if the maximum 
recording time has not been reached. Using a memory card formatted 
as exFAT allows you to record a video for the maximum recording time, 
regardless of the video‘s file size. The maximum recording time is 29 minutes 
and 59 seconds. 
(When you select 1920X1080 (60p/50p), the maximum recording time is 25 
minutes. When you select 4096X2160, 3840X2160, or 640X480 (MJPEG), the 
maximum recording time is 15 minutes.)
If you use a slow writing memory card, the recording of your movie can 
be interrupted because the card cannot process data at the rate the video 
is being shot. If this occurs, replace the card with a faster memory card or 
reduce the video size (for example, from 1280X720 to 640X480).
When recording a UHD video, we recommend you use a memory card with a 
write speed greater than 30 MB/sec.
When you press the video recording button, intelli-zoom turns off.
Videos can be darker than photos recorded at the same ISO sensitivity. If the 
videos appear darker, adjust the ISO sensitivity.
When you record a video in P, A, or S mode, ISO is automatically set to Auto.
Touching the screen to select a focus area while recording with Continuous 
AF switches the AF mode to Single AF.
The Focus Peaking function is not available when you select a resolution of 
4096X2160 or 3840X2160.
If the camera overheats while recording, the overheating warning icon will 
display on the screen. The camera will automatically save the video and stop 
recording. Cool down the camera to continue recording.