Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting Functions
Shooting Functions
Shooting Functions
The White Balance function adjusts the color in photos to give them a 
more natural appearance. You can use this function if color is affected by 
the type and quality of the light source. For example, fluorescent lamps 
can give colors in a photo a bluish hue. To offset this effect, select a White 
Balance option that adjusts the camera‘s settings for the light source. You 
can also adjust the White Balance by manually adjusting the camera‘s 
Color Temperature setting.
In addition, you can also customize the preset White Balance options so 
that the colors of the photo match the actual scene under mixed lighting 
To set the White 
In Shooting mode, press [m] 
 White Balance 
an option.
* Default
Auto WB*: Automatically adjust the white balance settings for the 
light source.
Auto WB+Tungsten: Automatically adjust the white balance 
settings for the light source except when shooting under 
incandescent or halogen lamps. This option does not offset the 
reddish hue of incandescent or tungsten bulbs.
Daylight: Select when taking outdoor photos on a sunny day. This 
option results in photos closest to the natural colors of the scene.
Cloudy: Select when taking outdoor photos on a cloudy day or in 
shadows. Photos captured on cloudy days tend to be more bluish 
than on sunny days. This option offsets that effect.
* Default
Fluorescent White: Select when shooting under a daylight 
fluorescent lamp with a white hue.
Fluorescent NW: Select when shooting under a daylight
fluorescent lamp with a very white hue.
Fluorescent Daylight: Select when shooting under a daylight
fluorescent lamp with a slightly bluish hue.
Tungsten: Select when taking indoor photos under incandescent 
bulbs or halogen lamps. Incandescent tungsten bulbs tend to have 
a reddish hue. This option offsets that effect.
Flash WB: Select when using a flash.
Custom Set: Use your pre-defined settings. You can manually set 
the White Balance by pressing [D], and then shooting a white 
sheet of paper. Fill the spot metering circle with the paper and set 
the White Balance.
Color Temperature: Manually adjust the color temperature of 
the light source. Color temperature is a measurement in degrees 
Kelvin that indicates the specific type of light source. You can get a 
warmer photo with a higher value, and a cooler photo with a lower 
value. Press [D], and then adjust the color temperature.
Available options may differ depending on shooting conditions.
White Balance