Samsung SCC-B5397P User Manual (en, fr, de, es, it)

High Resolution
This camera has realized high resolution of 600 lines using the top-notch full digital image processing and special algorithm 
VPS(Virtual Progressive Scan)
This is an advanced technology that reproduces a sharp progressive image. This is appropriate to high quality recording and fi le 
transfer via the Internet.
Intelligent Motion Detection & Tracking
This is an intelligent function that automatically detects a motion of an object. You can set a virtual fence so it displays an alert if an object 
passes / enters /exits the virtual fence or virtual area.
WDR extends the contrast range as it takes a picture of each of dark and bright areas before compositing the two, which is useful if 
you take a picture of windows inside a building. Namely, it improves the picture quality of the outdoor scenery as well as indoor.
XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range)
Actively controls the gamma compensation in the way it operates the ambient luminance contrast in a certain pixel unit to determine 
the optimal visibility.
This function can make the IR Cut fi ltering function inactive under the illumination below the normal value.
High Sensitivity
It implements images of high sensitivity using the up-to-date SONY Super-HAD Progressive CCD.
Low Illumination
It uses the digital signal technologies such as low illumination and Day/Night functions that make your camera identify objects even in the 
worst environment.
Superior Backlight Adjustment
When an object has a bright illumination or sunlight behind it, this camera automatically improves the shaded object picture quality.
Digital Power Synchronization
The full digital Line Lock function directly adjusts the vertical camera synchronization to enhance the operationability and reliability of 
this camera.
Output Signal Setting
You can set the following Video output signals: Image reversion (Horizontal, Vertical, or both), Privacy, Horizontal/Vertical profi ling, 
and digital zooming.
OSD(On Screen Display) Menu
OSD menu is provided to display the status of camera and to confi gure the functions interactively.
Coaxial Cable Communication
This is a remote control function that overlaps the coaxial cable (for a transfer of the video signal) with the control signal. In installation or repair, this 
helps you control the communication controller (optional) without additional cabling.