Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Playing music
Select a music category, and then select a song to play.
Restart the 
currently-playing song 
or skip to the previous 
song. Tap and hold to 
move backwards 
Turn on shuffle.
Hide the music player 
Search for other 
devices to play the file.
Skip to the next song. 
Tap and hold to move 
forwards quickly.
Pause and resume 
Adjust the volume.
Open the playlist.
Change the repeat 
Set the file as your 
favourite song.
To listen to songs at equal volume levels, tap   
→ Settings → Smart volume.
When Smart volume is activated, the volume may end up louder than the device 
volume level. Use caution to avoid long-term exposure to loud sounds to prevent 
damage to your hearing.
Creating playlists
Make an own selection of songs.
Playlists, and then tap   
→ Create playlist. Enter a title and tap OK. Tap Add music
select songs to include, and then tap Done.
To add the currently-playing song to a playlist, tap   
→ Add to playlist.