Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Searching for contacts
Tap Contacts.
Use one of the following search methods:
•  Scroll up or down the contacts list.
•  Use the index at the right side of the contacts list for quick scrolling, by dragging a finger 
along it.
•  Tap the search field at the top of the contacts list and enter search criteria.
Once a contact is selected, take one of the following actions:
•    : Add to favourite contacts.
•    : Compose an email.
Displaying contacts
Tap Contacts.
By default, the device shows all saved contacts on the device or another account. Tap   
Contacts to display, and then select a location where contacts are saved.
Moving contacts
Tap Contacts.
Moving contacts to Google
→ Merge accounts → Merge with Google. Contacts moved to Google Contacts 
appear with   in the contacts list.
Moving contacts to Samsung
→ Merge accounts → Merge with Samsung. Contacts moved to Samsung Contacts 
appear with   in the contacts list.