Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Contact groups
Tap Groups.
Adding contacts to a group
Select a group, and then tap  . Select contacts to add, and then tap Done.
Managing groups
Tap  , and then take one of the following actions:
•  Create: Make a new group.
•  Search: Search for contacts.
•  Change order: Tap and hold   next to the group name, drag it up or down to another 
position, and then tap Done.
•  Delete groups: Select user-added groups, and then tap Delete. Default groups cannot be 
Sending an email to a group’s members
Select a group, tap   
→ Send email, select members, and then tap Done.
Business card
Tap Contacts.
Create a business card and send it to others.
Set up my profile, enter details, such as phone number, email address, and postal 
address, and then tap Save. If user information has been saved when you set up the device, 
select the business card, and then tap   to edit.
To share the business card with others, tap   
→ Share namecard via, and then select a 
sharing method.