Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Web & network
Group Play
Use this application to enjoy moments with your friends by sharing and playing content. 
Create or join a Group Play session, and then share content, such as images or documents.
Group Play on the Applications screen.
•  This application may not be available depending on the region.
•  While using this application, you cannot access the Internet through the Wi-Fi 
Create a Group Play session.
Set whether or not to require a 
group password.
Join a Group Play session.
Creating a group for Group Play
When you create a Group Play session, other devices can join the session and share the 
When you use a password for a Group Play session, other devices must enter the password to 
join the session. To use a password, tick Set group password.
Create group, set a password, and then use the following features:
•  Share images: Select images to share.
•  Share documents: Select documents to share.
•  Play games and more: Play online games with friends.