Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

To create a folder, tap   
→ Create folder.
To change the order of memos, tap   
→ Change order.
To move memos to another folder, tap   
→ Move.
To copy memos, tap   
→ Copy.
To change the S Memo settings, tap   
→ Settings.
To back up or restore memos to or from a storage location, tap   
→ Backup and restore.
Viewing a memo
Tap the memo thumbnail to open it.
To delete the memo, tap   
→ Delete.
To send the memo to others, tap   
→ Share via.
To export the memo as another file format, tap   
→ Export.
To add the memo as your favourites list, tap   
→ Add to Favourites.
To save the memo as an event, tap   
→ Create event.
To set the memo as wallpaper or to assign it to a contact, tap   
→ Set as.
To print the memo via a USB or Wi-Fi connection, tap   
→ Print. Some printers may not be 
compatible with the device.
To edit the memo, tap  .
To play the voice recording, tap  .