Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

About this manual
Use caution when using the device while walking or moving.
•  Always be aware of your surroundings to avoid injury to yourself or others.
•  Make sure the headset cable does not become entangled in your arms or on nearby 
Do not carry your device in your back pockets or around your waist.
•  You could be injured or damage the device if you fall.
Install devices and equipment with caution.
•  Ensure that any devices or related equipment installed in your vehicle are securely 
•  Avoid placing your device and accessories near or in an airbag deployment area. 
Improperly installed wireless equipment can cause serious injury when airbags inflate 
Allow only qualified personnel to service your device.
•  Allowing unqualified personnel to service your device may result in damage to your 
device and will void your manufacturer’s warranty.
Do not use the device for anything other than its intended use.
•  Your device may malfunction.
Do not short-circuit the charger or the device.
•  Doing so may cause electric shock or fire, or the battery may malfunction or explode.
Do not store your device in very hot or very cold areas. It is recommended to use your 
device at temperatures from 5 °C to 35 °C.
•  Do not store your device in very hot areas such as inside a car in the summertime. Doing 
so may cause the screen to malfunction, result in damage to the device, or cause the 
battery to explode.
•  Do not expose your device to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (on the 
dashboard of a car, for example).