Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

About Settings
Use this application to configure the device, set application options, and add accounts.
Settings on the Applications screen.
Some options may not be available depending on the region.
Activate the Wi-Fi feature to connect to a Wi-Fi network and access the Internet or other 
network devices.
To use options, tap  .
•  Advanced: Customise Wi-Fi settings.
•  WPS push button: Connect to a secured Wi-Fi network with a WPS button.
•  WPS PIN entry: Connect to a secured Wi-Fi network with a WPS PIN.
If you use the camera in a country other than the one where it was purchased, the 5 
GHz Wi-Fi feature may not function properly, due to differences in radio frequencies. 
Available radio frequencies may differ by country.
Setting Wi-Fi sleep policy
On the Settings screen, tap Connections 
→ Wi-Fi →   → Advanced → Keep Wi-Fi on 
during sleep.