Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Setting Network notification
The device can detect open Wi-Fi networks and display an icon on the status bar to notify 
when available.
On the Settings screen, tap 
→ Wi-Fi →   → Advanced and tick Network 
notification to activate this feature.
Wi-Fi Direct
Wi-Fi Direct connects two devices directly via a Wi-Fi network without requiring an access 
On the Settings screen, tap 
→ Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.
Activate the Bluetooth feature to exchange information over short distances.
To use more options, tap  .
•  Visibility timeout: Set duration that the device is visible.
•  Received files: View received files via the Bluetooth feature.
Data usage
Keep track of your data usage amount.
•  Data usage cycle: Enter monthly reset date to monitor your data usage.
To use more options, tap  .
•  Auto sync data: Activate or deactivate auto-syncing of applications. You can select what 
information to sync for each account in Settings 
→ Accounts.
•  Mobile hotspots: Select Wi-Fi hotspots to prevent applications that are running in the 
background from using them.