Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

My device
Lock screen
Change settings for the locked screen.
Change the settings for the display.
•  Wallpaper:
– Home screen: Select a background image for the Home screen.
– Lock screen: Select a background image for the locked screen.
– Home and lock screens: Select a background image for the Home screen and the 
locked screen.
•  Notification panel: Customise the items that appear on the notifications panel.
•  Page buddy: Set the device to open contextual pages based on your actions.
•  Screen mode:
– Adapt display: Use this mode for optimising the display according to the display 
– Dynamic: Use this mode to make the display tone more vivid.
– Standard: Use this mode for normal surroundings.
– Movie: Use this mode for dim surroundings, such as in a dark room.
•  Brightness: Set the brightness of the display.
•  Auto rotate screen: Set the content to rotate automatically when the device is turned.
•  Screen timeout: Set the length of time the device waits before turning off the display’s 
•  Daydream: Set the device to launch a screensaver when your device is charging.
•  Font style: Change the font type for display text.
•  Font size: Change the font size.
•  Display battery percentage: Set the device to display the remaining battery life.