Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Google voice typing
To change the voice input settings, tap  .
•  Choose input languages: Select input languages for text input.
•  Block offensive words: Set the device to prevent the device from recognising offensive 
words in voice inputs.
•  Offline speech recognition: Download and install language data for offline voice input.
Voice recogniser
Select a voice recognition engine.
This feature appears once you use a voice recognition application.
Voice search
For Samsung voice recognition, use the following options:
•  Language: Select a language for the voice recognition.
•  Open via the home key: Set the device to launch S Voice by tapping 
•  Use location data: Set the device to use location information for voice search results.
•  Hide offensive words: Hide offensive words from voice search results.
•  Help: Access help information for S Voice.
•  About: View version information.
•  Wake up command: Set the device to start voice recognition by saying a wake up 
command while using S Voice.
•  Check missed events: Set the device to check missed events when S Voice is launched 
by pressing the headset button.
•  Home address: Enter your home address to use location information with the voice 
command feature.
•  Log in to Facebook: Enter your Facebook account information to use Facebook with 
•  Log in to Twitter: Enter your Twitter account information to use Twitter with S Voice.