Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

For Google voice recognition, use the following options:
•  Language: Select a language for the voice recognition.
•  Speech output: Set the device to provide voice feedback to alert you to the current 
•  Block offensive words: Hide offensive words from voice search results.
•  Offline speech recognition: Download and install language data for offline voice input.
•  Bluetooth headset: Set the device to allow a voice search with a Bluetooth headset, 
when it is connected to the device.
Text-to-speech options
•  Preferred TTS engine: Select a speech synthesis engine. To change the settings for 
speech synthesis engines, tap  .
•  Speech rate: Select a speed for the text-to-speech feature.
•  Listen to an example: Listen to the spoken text for an example.
Pointer speed
Adjust the pointer speed for the mouse or trackpad connected to your device.
Activate the motion recognition feature and change the settings that control motion 
recognition on your device.
•  Tilt to zoom: Set the device to zoom in or out while viewing images in Gallery or 
browsing webpages, when you tap and hold two points with your fingers and then tilt 
the device back and forth.
•  Pan to move icon: Set the device to move an item to another page when tapping and 
holding the item and then panning the device to the left or right.
•  Pan to browse images: Set the device to scroll through an image by moving the device 
in any direction when the image is zoomed in.
•  Sensitivity settings: Adjust the reaction speed for each motion.
•  Learn about motions: View the tutorial for controlling motions.