Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

•  Device administrators: View device administrators installed on the device. You can allow 
•  Unknown sources: Choose to install applications from any source. If not chosen, 
download applications only from Play Store.
•  Verify apps: Set this to allow Google to check the application for harmful behaviour 
before installing it.
•  Storage type: Set a storage type for credential files.
•  Trusted credentials: Use certificates and credentials to ensure secure use of various 
•  Install from device storage: Install encrypted certificates stored on the USB storage.
•  Clear credentials: Erase the credential contents from the device and reset the password.
Application manager
View and manage the applications on your device.
View the amount of battery power consumed by your device.
Change settings for power.
•  Auto power off: Set the length of time the device waits before turning off.
•  Power saving mode: Activate power-saving mode and change the settings for power-
saving mode.
•  Fast power-on: Activating this causes the device to start quickly for the next 24 hours.