Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Before contacting a Samsung Service Centre, please attempt the following solutions. Some 
situations may not apply to your device.
The subject’s eyes appear red
Red eyes occur when the subject’s eyes reflect light from the camera flash.
Set the flash option to 
Auto & red-eye or Red-eye fix. (p. 83)
Photos have dust spots
If dust particles are present in the air, you may capture them in photos when you use the 
•  Turn the flash off or avoid taking photos in a dusty place.
•  Adjust the ISO sensitivity. (p. 78)
Photos are blurred
Blurring can occur if you take photos in low-light conditions or hold the device incorrectly.
•  Half-press the Shutter button to ensure the subject is focused.
•  Set the image stabiliser option.
•  Use a tripod to prevent your device from shaking.