Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Photos are blurred when shooting at night
As the camera tries to let in more light, the shutter speed slows. This can make it difficult to 
hold the camera steady long enough to take a clear picture and may result in device shake.
•  Set Night in smart mode.
•  Turn the flash on. (p. 83)
•  Adjust the ISO sensitivity. (p. 78)
•  Use a tripod to prevent your device from shaking.
Subjects come out too dark because of backlighting
When the light source is behind the subject or when there is a high contrast between light 
and dark areas, the subject may appear too dark.
•  Avoid shooting toward the sun.
•  Set the flash option to Fill in. (p. 83)
•  Adjust the exposure value. (p. 77)
•  Set the metering option to Spot if a subject is in the centre of the frame.
When you cannot take photos or videos
•  Your storage may be full. Delete unnecessary files, or insert a new memory card.
•  Format the memory card.
•  The memory card may be defective. Purchase a new card.
•  Ensure that the device is turned on.
•  Charge the battery.
•  Ensure that the battery is inserted. (p. 21)
When the flash is not functional
•  The flash option may be set to Off. (p. 83)
•  In some modes, the flash is disabled.