Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

•  While you use the device, it may heat up. This is normal and should not affect your 
device’s lifespan or performance.
•  When you use the device in low temperatures, it may take some time to turn on, the 
colour of the display may be changed temporarily, or after- images may appear. These 
conditions are not malfunctions and they will correct themselves when the device is 
returned to milder temperatures.
•  Paint or metal on the outside of the device may cause allergies, itchy skin, eczema, or 
swelling for people with sensitive skin. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop 
using the device immediately and consult a doctor.
•  Do not insert foreign objects into any of your device’s compartments, slots, or access 
points. Damage due to improper use may not be covered by your warranty.
•  Do not allow unqualified personnel to service the device or attempt to service the 
device yourself. Any damage that results from unqualified service is not covered by your 
•  Do not disassemble or puncture the battery, as this can cause explosion or fire.
•  Wipe your device or charger with a towel or an eraser.
•  Clean the battery terminals with a cotton ball or a towel.
•  Do not use chemicals or detergents. Doing so may discolour or corrode the outside the 
device or may result in electric shock or fire.
•  Avoid disturbing others when using the device in public.
Cautions when using memory cards
•  Avoid memory cards to very cold or very hot temperatures (below 0 °C or above 40 °C). 
Extreme temperatures can cause memory cards to malfunction.
•  Insert a memory card in the correct direction. Inserting a memory card in the wrong 
direction may damage your device and memory card.
•  Do not use memory cards that have been formatted by other devices or by a computer. 
Reformat the memory card with your device.
•  Turn off the device when you insert or remove the memory card.