Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Disposal guidelines
•  Dispose of the battery with care.
•  Do not dispose of the battery in a fire.
•  Disposal regulations may differ by country or region. Dispose of the battery in 
accordance with all local and federal regulations.
Guidelines for charging the battery
Charge the battery only by the method described in this user manual. The battery can 
ignite or explode if not charged properly.
Notes about using the battery
•  Avoid exposing batteries to very cold or very hot temperatures (below 0 °C or above 
40 °C). Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity of your batteries.
•  When you use the device for an extended period, the area around the battery chamber 
may become warm. This does not affect the normal use of the device.
•  Do not pull the power supply cord to disconnect the plug from the power outlet, as this 
may cause a fire or electric shock.
•  In temperatures below 0 °C, battery capacity and battery life may decrease.
•  Battery capacity may decrease in low temperatures, but will return to normal in milder 
•  Remove the batteries from your device when storing it for an extended period. Installed 
batteries may leak or corrode over time and cause serious damage to your device. 
Storing the device for extended periods with the battery installed causes the battery to 
discharge. You may not be able to recharge a fully discharged battery.
•  When you do not use the device for an extended period (3 months or more), check the 
battery and recharge it regularly. If you let the battery discharge continually, its capacity 
and life may decrease, which can lead to a malfunction, fire, or explosion.
•  Follow all instructions in this manual to ensure the longest lifespan of your device 
and battery. Damages or poor performance caused by failure to follow warnings and 
instructions can void your manufacturer’s warranty.
•  Your device may wear out over time. Some parts and repairs are covered by the warranty 
within the validity period, but damages or deterioration caused by using unapproved 
accessories are not.