Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Cautions about using the battery
Protect batteries, chargers, and memory cards from damage.
Prevent batteries from making contact with metal objects, as this can create a connection 
between the + and – terminals of your battery and lead to temporary or permanent battery 
damage and may cause a fire or electric shock.
Notes about charging the battery
•  If the battery is not charging, make sure that the battery is inserted correctly.
•  If the device is not charging properly, the battery may not fully charge. Turn off the device 
before charging the battery.
•  Do not use your device when you are charging the battery. This may cause a fire or 
electric shock.
•  Do not pull the power supply cord to disconnect the plug from the power outlet, as this 
may cause a fire or electric shock.
•  Let the battery charge for at least 10 minutes before turning on the device.
•  If you connect the device to an external power source when the battery is depleted, 
using high energy-consuming functions will cause the device to turn off. To use the 
device normally, recharge the battery.
•  Using the flash or recording videos depletes the battery quickly. Charge the battery fully.
•  Overcharging batteries may shorten battery life. After charging is finished, disconnect the 
cable from your device.
•  Do not bend or damage the AC cable.
Notes about charging with a computer connected
•  Use only the provided USB cable.
•  The battery may not charge when:
– you use a USB hub
– other USB devices are connected to your computer
– you connect the cable to the port on the front side of your computer
– the USB port of your computer does not support the power output standard (5 V, 500