Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Notification icons appear on the status bar at the top of the screen to report calendar events, 
device status, and more. Drag down from the status bar to open the notifications panel. Scroll 
the list to see additional alerts. To close the notifications panel, drag up the bar that is at the 
bottom of the screen.
Quick setting panel
From the quick setting panel, you can view your device’s current settings. Drag down from 
the status bar, tap   to open the quick setting panel, and then use the following options:
•  Wi-Fi: Activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi feature.
•  GPS: Activate or deactivate the GPS feature.
•  Sound: Activate or deactivate silent mode. You can vibrate or mute your device in silent 
•  Screen rotation: Allow or prevent the interface from rotating when you rotate the device.
•  Bluetooth: Activate or deactivate the Bluetooth feature.
•  Blocking mode: Activate or deactivate blocking mode. In blocking mode, the device 
will block notifications. To select which notifications will be blocked, tap Settings 
→ My 
→ Blocking mode.
•  Hands-free mode: Activate or deactivate hands-free mode.
•  Sync: Activate or deactivate auto-syncing of applications.
•  Flight mode: Activate or deactivate flight mode.
The available options may vary depending on the region.
To rearrange the options on the quick setting panel, open the quick setting panel, tap  , tap 
and hold an item, and then drag the item to another location.