Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Using widgets
Widgets are small applications that provide convenient functions and information on your 
Home screen. To use them, add widgets from the widgets panel to the Home screen.
The widgets available may vary depending on the region.
Adding widgets to the Home screen
On the Home screen, tap Apps 
→ Widgets. Scroll left or right on the widgets panel, and then 
tap and hold a widget to add it to the Home screen. Put it on a location you want, resize it by 
dragging the frame if necessary, and then tap anywhere on the screen to save the location of 
the widget.
Using applications
This device can run many different types of applications, ranging from media to Internet 
Opening an application
On the Home screen or the Applications screen, select an application icon to open it.
Opening from recently-used applications
Tap and hold 
 to open the list of recently-used applications. Select an application icon to 
Closing an application
Close applications not in use to save battery power and maintain device performance.
Tap and hold 
, tap  , and then tap End next to an application to close it. To close all 
running applications, tap End all. Alternatively, tap and hold 
, and then tap  .