Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Changing the keyboard layout
Tap  , and change the keyboard layout.
On the 3x4 keyboard, a key has three or four characters. To enter a character, tap 
repeatedly the key corresponding to the character.
Break to the next line.
Delete a preceding 
Enter numerals and 
punctuation marks.
Enter uppercase.
Set options for the 
Samsung keyboard.
Enter a space.
Entering uppercase
Tap   before entering a character. For all caps, tap it twice.
Changing language keyboards
Add languages to the keyboard, and then slide the space key left or right to change language 
Entering text by voice
Activate the voice input feature and then speak into the microphone. The device displays 
what you speak.
To change the language or add languages for the voice recognition, tap the current language.
Copying and pasting
Tap and hold over text, drag   or   to select more or less text, and then tap Copy to copy or 
Cut to cut. The selected text is copied to the clipboard.
To paste it into a text entry field, tap and hold at the point where it should be inserted, and 
then tap