Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Setting up accounts
Google applications, such as Play Store, require a Google account, and Samsung Apps 
requires a Samsung account. Create Google and Samsung accounts to have the best 
experience with the device.
Adding accounts
Follow the instructions that appear when opening a Google application without signing in to 
set up a Google account.
To sign in with or sign up for a Google account, on the Applications screen, tap 
→ Add account → Google. After that, tap New to sign up, or tap Existing, and 
then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. More than one Google 
account can be used on the device.
Set up a Samsung account as well.
Removing accounts
On the Applications screen, tap Settings 
→ Accounts, select an account name under My 
accounts, select the account to remove, and then tap Remove account.
Using the NFC Feature (Tag & Go)
Place the smart phone’s NFC antenna near your device’s NFC tag to launch the feature for 
using the smart phone as a remote shutter. You can also transfer files to an NFC-enabled 
device while viewing them.