Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

About this manual
Health and safety information
Always comply with the following precautions and usage tips to avoid dangerous situations 
and ensure peak performance of your device. Some content may be not applicable to your 
Warning: situations that could cause injury to yourself or others
Do not disassemble or attempt to repair your device.
•  This may result in electric shock or damage to the device.
Do not use your device near flammable or explosive gases and liquids.
•  This may cause a fire or explosion.
Do not insert flammable materials into the device or store these materials near the device.
•  This may cause a fire or electric shock.
Do not handle your device or power supply cord with wet hands.
•  This may result in electric shock.
Prevent damage to subjects’ eyesight.
•  Do not use the flash in close proximity (closer than 1 m) to people or animals. If you use 
the flash too close to your subject’s eyes, this can cause temporary or permanent eyesight 
Do not bite or suck the device or the battery, and keep your device away from small 
children and pets.
•  Doing so may damage the device or result in an explosion or fire.
•  Children or animals can choke on small parts.
•  If children use the device, make sure that they use the device properly.
Do not expose the device to direct sunlight or high temperatures for an extended period 
of time.
•  Prolonged exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures can cause permanent damage 
to your device’s internal components.