Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Basic functions
Launching Camera
Use this application to take photos or videos.
Camera on the Applications screen. Alternatively, press the Shutter button.
Gallery to view photos and videos taken with the device. (p. 89)
•  The camera automatically shuts off when unused.
•  Make sure that the lens is clean. Otherwise, the device may not work properly in 
some modes that require high resolutions.
Camera etiquette
•  Do not take photos or videos of other people without their permission.
•  Do not take photos or videos where legally prohibited.
•  Do not take photos or videos in places where you may violate other people’s privacy.
Learning the preview screen
Indicate which 
shooting mode is in 
Indicate the current 
camera settings.
Change the shoot-
ing mode.
Start taking a video.
Take photos.
Select among 
various effects that 
are available.
Focus frame
Change the camera 
Return to the Home 
Open Gallery to view 
photos and videos.
Change shooting 
options quickly.