Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Basic functions
Viewing photos and videos
To view taken photos or videos, tap the gallery icon. Scroll left or right to view the next or 
previous image. (p. 89)
Auto focus and auto exposure
You can adjust camera focus and exposure automatically by touching the screen.
In Shooting mode, tap the desired area to focus on. The focus frame moves to the desired 
area and an icon appears at the upper right corner of the focus frame. Then, drag the frame to 
separate the AF frame and the AE frame. Drag each frame to the desired location.
To lock the focus or the exposure, tap and hold the respective frame. The locked frame cannot 
be moved and is reset after shooting.
To merge the AF frame and the AE frame, drag a frame to the other one to make them 
Zooming in or out
Rotate the Zoom button clockwise or spread two fingers apart on the screen to zoom in. 
Rotate the Zoom button anti-clockwise or pinch your fingers together on the screen to zoom 
Zoom out
Zoom in