Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Basic functions
•  The zoom in/out effect is available when using the zoom feature while shooting 
•  When using the zoom function, the lens moves back and forth to adjust the focus 
before it sets the precise zoom ratio that you intend to use.
•  To maintain a natural view angle, the zoom ratio increases in larger increments as it 
gets higher.
Taking photos or videos with voice commands
Use the voice recognition to take photos or videos with voice commands.
→  . Say a shooting command, such as Smile, Cheese, or Record video.
To check more voice commands for controlling the camera, tap   
→  .
Taking photos or videos with filter effects
Use the filter effects to take unique photos or videos.
 and select a filter effect.
•  No effect: Do not apply an effect.
•  Vignette: This effect applies the retro-looking colours, high contrast, and strong vignette 
effect of Lomo cameras.
•  Greyscale: This effect makes the image black and white.
•  Sepia: This effect red-shifts the background scenery.
•  Vintage: This effect gives the image a vintage look and feel.
•  Faded colours: This effect fades the colour of the image.
•  Turquoise: This effect applies a soft turquoise colour effect.
•  Tint: This effect applies a colour tint effect.
•  Cartoon: This effect applies a cartoon painting effect.