Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Basic functions
•  Moody: This effect applies a mono cartoon painting effect.
•  Rugged: This effect applies a rugged effect.
•  Oil pastel: This effect applies a pastel painting effect.
•  Fisheye: This effect blackens the edges of the frame and distorts objects to imitate the 
visual effect of a fisheye lens.
Changing shooting options quickly
Tap   to change shooting options quickly. The available options vary by mode.
•    : Configure settings for Camera.
•    : Activate or deactivate the flash.
•    : Use this to set delayed-time shots.
•    : Select a folder for saving photos or videos. To create a new folder, tap  .
•    : Activate or deactivate the voice recognition to take photos.
•    : Activate or deactivate the sharing options.
Reducing camera shake
Use the Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS) feature to reduce or eliminate blurriness from camera 
→ Expert → PAS, or M to access one of the expert modes.
In expert mode, tap   
→   → OIS (anti-shake), and select an option.
Before correction
After correction