Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

About this manual
Avoid covering the device or charger with blankets or clothes.
•  The device may overheat, which may distort the device or cause a fire.
Do not handle the power supply cord or go near the charger during a thunderstorm.
•  This may result in electric shock.
If liquid or foreign objects enter your device, immediately disconnect all power sources, 
such as the battery or charger, and then contact a Samsung service centre.
Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a device in a certain area.
•  Avoid interference with other electronic devices.
•  Turn off the device when in an aircraft. Your device can cause interference with aircraft 
equipment. Follow all airline regulations and turn off your device when directed by airline 
•  Turn off the device near medical equipment. Your device can interfere with medical 
equipment in hospitals or health care facilities. Follow all regulations, posted warnings, 
and directions from medical personnel.
Avoid interference with pacemakers.
•  Maintain the distance between this device and all pacemakers to avoid potential 
interference, as recommended by the manufacturer and research groups. If you have 
any reason to suspect that your device is interfering with a pacemaker or other medical 
device, turn off the device immediately and contact the manufacturer of the pacemaker 
or medical device for guidance.
Do not use your device while it is charging.
•  This may result in electric shock.
Handle and dispose of the device and charger with care.
•  Never dispose of the battery or device in a fire. Never place the battery or device on or in 
heating devices, such as microwave ovens, stoves, or radiators. The device may explode 
when overheated. Follow all local regulations when disposing of used battery or device.
•  Never crush or puncture the device.
•  Avoid exposing the device to high external pressure, which can lead to an internal short 
circuit and overheating.
Protect the device, battery and charger from damage.
•  Never use a damaged charger or battery.