Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting modes
Use this to take photos with scene modes selected automatically by the camera. In this 
mode, the camera recognises surrounding conditions and automatically adjusts factors that 
contribute to exposure, including the shutter speed, aperture value, metering, and white 
balance. As the camera controls most of the functions, some shooting options are limited. 
This mode is useful for capturing quick snapshots with the least amount of adjustment.
→ Auto.
To display an icon for a scene mode at the top right of the preview screen when you half-
press the Shutter button, tap   
→   →   → Detection display → On.
•  The camera may detect different scenes, even the same subjects, depending on 
external factors, such as camera shake, lighting, and distance to the subject.
•  If the camera does not recognise an appropriate scene mode, it uses the default 
settings for this mode.
•  Even if it detects a face, the camera may not select a portrait mode depending on 
the subject’s position or lighting.
•  In this mode, the camera consumes more battery power due to constant changing 
of settings when selecting appropriate modes.
Use this to take photos with predefined settings for various scenes.