Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting modes
•  Avoid the following for best results:
– Moving the camera too quickly or too slowly.
– Moving the camera too little to take the next photo.
– Moving the camera at irregular speeds.
– Shaking the camera.
– Changing the camera direction while taking a photo.
– Taking photos in low-light conditions.
– Taking photos of moving subjects.
– Taking photos where the brightness or colour of the light changes.
– Taking photos of a subject in front of unrecognisable backgrounds, such as 
empty skies or plain walls.
•  Photos taken are automatically saved, and shooting is stopped under the following 
– Changing the distance from the subject while shooting.
– Moving the camera too quickly.
– Not moving the camera.
•  The camera may stop taking photos due to composition or movement within the 
•  The camera may not take the last scene entirely if you stop moving the camera at 
the exact position where you want the scene to end. To take the entire scene, move 
the camera slightly beyond the position you want the scene to end.
Use this to take photos of waterfalls.
→ Smart → Waterfall.
The image may appear blurry due to the slow shutter speed when the camera takes 
photos. Make sure to use a tripod.