Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting modes
Animated photo
Use this to create a photo in which selected objects move by freezing or animating moving 
objects automatically detected by the camera.
→ Smart → Animated photo.
Press the Shutter button to take a photo. Tap 
Animate or Freeze, and then rub the screen 
to animate or freeze the detected moving objects. Tap Trim to adjust the range to trim, or 
Direction to change the direction of the animation. Then, tap Save to save the photo.
Use this to take a series of photos and combine them to create an image that shows trails of 
the movement.
→ Smart → Drama.
While holding the camera steady, press the Shutter button to take several photos 
continuously. Select photos to save, and then tap 
To get the best shot, follow these tips. The camera may not take photos properly in 
other shooting conditions.
•  Hold the camera steady and remain still while taking photos.
•  Take photos of a subject that is moving in one direction.
•  Take photos with backgrounds that are free of moving objects.
•  Avoid taking photos of a subject and background with similar colours.
•  Avoid taking photos of a subject that is too close or too far away to fit within the 
screen or that is too long such as a bus or a train.