Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 User Manual (en)

Camera: Shooting options and 
Customising shooting options
Various shooting options are provided with your camera. With them, you can take more 
customised photos and videos.
Tap   to access shooting options. Depending on the mode selected, you may tap   
→  .
Select an option, and then save it.
•  Available options and default settings may differ depending on the shooting mode 
and shooting conditions.
•  Depending on the option selected, some settings may not be available.
EV (brightness)
The camera automatically sets the exposure by measuring the levels of light from the photo’s 
composition and the position of a subject. If the exposure set by the camera is higher or lower 
than you expected, you can adjust the exposure value manually.
→ Expert → PAS, or M to access one of the expert modes.
In expert mode, tap   
→   → EV (brightness), and select an option.
Darker (-)
Neutral (0)
Brighter (+)